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Friday Feb 2 & Saturday Feb 3

64 Teams

Cost $80/team (4 person)


Games begin at 6:00 on Friday and 3:00 on Saturday

Guaranteed 2 games Friday night and at least 2 games on Saturday

Please use an appropriate team name as this is a family event

FULL payment by credit card ONLY at time of registration. 

The registrant  will be the Team captain and will be asked to provide a mandatory birthdate at registration.

*All team members agree to terms and conditions outlined at registration*

Registration opens Dec 1/23

  • Coin toss to start the game. Winner of the toss chooses to throw first or take hammer (hammer = last rock).

  • A full game is 4 ends. Each player throws two rocks per end.

  • Scoring: The team with the rock closest to the button (center) will win the end. The team will score a point for each rock that they have closer to the button than the opposing team. Regular curling scoring rules.

  • The team that wins the end will throw first in the new end.

  • If a game ends in a tie, then proceed to play an extra end. The team who scored the tieing point will throw first in the extra end. If no winner after extra end, then each team throws one rock. Closest to button wins.

  • If a rock tips over, the rock is still in play. Tip the rock upright no closer to the button. There are no re-shoots.

  •  If a team is late by more than 10 minutes for a scheduled game, then the opposing team is awarded the win.

  • The winning team is responsible for filling out and submitting game score card.

  •  Curling equipment is prohibited.

  •  Individuals involved in violent behaviour will be ejected from the premises and band from future tournament play.

  • You are allowed ice in your drinks but there is no drinking on the ice!

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