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Green Team Member

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End of May beginning of June



About the Role

  • Maintain a visual account of the entire of all Greendell facility and other school and soccer fields, report any damage or questionable aspects to the General Manager.

  • Patrol grounds regularly and ensure cleanliness and safety.

  • Oversee and complete assigned small renovation projects.

  • Work with a variety of hand and power tools (Saw, drill, etc.)

  • Cutting grass, using, lawn mowers, etc of the community centre, and surrounding school and soccer fields.

  • Keep the garage area maintained in a safe and clean condition at all times

  • Perform other duties as assigned

Job Purpose & Scope

Maintaining, repairing and renovating of the Community Centre’s buildings and grounds, mowing and maintaining the school and soccer fields in the area, while ensuring the facility is safe and presented in its best possible condition.

Applicants Must Have:

Drivers License

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